Biology Class 11 & 12 - Chapter Wise 5000 Free MCQs

If you are here that means you have decided to become a doctor. Remember it is not easy affair and you have to put in lot of extra work. For your chosen future profession the subject of biology will play an important role. Not only you will have to get good marks in this subject in annual exam you will have to make merit in Entry Test as well where this subject will carry double marks than other subjects. If you do these questions which we have prepared right from the book, we are sure you will get good marks and even scholarships.

100% A+ in All Board Exams, Entry Tests and Success at ISSB

For Entry Test and Board Exam

Each Chapter is Divided in Many Parts of 10 Question Each



Biology Class 11

Chapter 15 - Homeostasis


Chapter 16 - Support and Movements


Chapter 17 - Coordination and Control


Chapter 18 - Reproduction


Chapter 19 - Growth and Development


Chapter 20 - Chromosomes and DNA


Chapter 21 - Cell Cycle


Chapter 22 - Variation and Genetics


Chapter 23 - Biotechnology


Chapter 24 - Evolution


Chapter 25 - Ecosystem


Chapter 26 - Some Major Ecosystem


Chapter 27 - Man and his Environment


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