Chemistry Class 11 & 12 - 4000 MCQs for Entry Tests and Board Exams

This page covers all Chapters of Chemistry for Entry Tests andBoard Exam. Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs are made in such a way that no important aspect is missed out. Any student taking a test and getting more than 90% marks will surely get similar marks in board exam and entry test. When you take the test the results will be shown to you immediately. If you have too many wrong answers then must take the quiz again. The questions and answers are directly from your book.

Selected and Chosen Questions Given Type Wise For Practice

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Chemistry Class 11 & 12



Chapter 1 - Basic Concepts

Chapter No. 1 - Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity

Chapter 2 - Experimental Techniques in Chemistry

Chapter No. 2 - S-Block Elements

Chapter 3 - Gases

Chapter No. 3 - Group 3A and Group 4A elements

Chapter 4 - Liquids and Solids

Chapter No. 4 - Group 5A and Group 6A elements

Chapter 5 - Atomic Structure

Chapter No. 5 - Halogens and Noble Gases

Chapter 6 - Chemical Bonding

Chapter No. 6 - Transition Elements

Chapter 7 - Thermo Chemistry

Chapter No. 7 - Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry

Chapter 8 - Chemical Equilibrium

Chapter No. 8 - Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

Chapter 9 - Solutions

Chapter No. 9 - Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Chapter 10 - Electrochemistry

Chapter No. 10 - Alkyl Halides

Chapter 11 - Reaction Kinetics

Chapter No. 11 - Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers


Chapter No. 12 - Aldehydes and Ketones


Chapter No. 13 - Carboxylic Acids


Chapter No. 14 - Macromolecules


Chapter No. 15 - Common Chemical Industries in Pakistan


Chapter No. 16 - Environmental Chemistry


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