Carbon Silicon and Their Compounds - 1

1. Graphite is extremely hard material.

2. Coal is the amorphous form of carbon.

3. Diamond is a good conductor of electricity.

4. Graphites are used as moderator in nuclear reactors.

5. Carbond dioxide neither burns nor helps in burning.

6. Graphite is colourless.

7. Soda water drinks contain Carbon monoxide.

8. Carbon dioxide is used in fire extinguishers.

9. Silicon is the second most abundant element in earth's crust.

10. Silicon have very low electrical conductivity.

11. Silica gel absorbs water vapours readily.

12. Carbon has two allotropic forms.

13. Silicon is a non-metal.

14. Silicon polymers are found as wax and plastic

15. About 95% of earth's crust is made up of silicate rocks.

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