Carbon Silicon and Their Compounds - 2

1. Calcium bicarbonate is insoluble in water.

2. Bucky balls act as semi conductors and lubricants.

3. Formula of dolomite is MgCO3.

4. Carbon monoxide is used for extraction of metals from their ores.

5. Tridymite is allotropic form of carbon.

6. Which of the following is amorphous form of carbon

7. Essential constituent of all organic compounds is

8. In the structure of diamond each carbon atom is bonded by

9. Charcoal absorbs gases as well as other impurities from many materials due to

10. All crystalline and amorphous form of carbon except diamond have colour

11. When carbon dioxide is passed through lime water it turns milky due to the formation of insoluble

12. Soda water drink contain

13. Carbon monoxide combines with chlorine to form phosgene in the presence of

14. Substances whose electrical conductivity increases by increasing temperature are called

15. Amethyst is a quartz that has colour due to impurities

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