Chemical Industries - 1

1. NaOH is produced commercially by the electrolysis of brine in a mercury cell.

2. NaOH is a strong alkali.

3. Na2CO3 is also called baking Soda.

4. The aqueous solution of Na2 CO3 Changes blue litmus red.

5. Na2CO3 is prepared commercially by solvey's process.

6. Detergents when dissolved in water reduce the intermolecular attractive forces between water molecules.

7. The formula for polyvinyl chloride is CH2=CH2.

8. Polyethene is prepared by the polymerization of ethyne (C2H2)

9. China clay or BaSO4 are used as fillers to the pigments.

10. NaHCO3 is used in preparation of soap.

11. A pigment gives colour to the paint.

12. Gamma rays have a low preservation power.

13. The process of preparation of soap from fat is called saponification.

14. Polyethen is an example of thermoplastic.

15. Paints containing lead are dangerous.

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