Chemical Industries - 2

1. All detergents contain polar group-SO3Na.

2. PVC is prepared by the polymerization of ethane (CH2=CH2).

3. Turpentine oil is used in shoe polish to prevent it from drying.

4. NaOH+NH4Cl heat------------------->NaCl+NH3+H2O.

5. Vinyl chloride is used in the manufacture of bakelite.

6. Chemical formula of Caustic soda is

7. By heating lime stone (CaCO3 ) following gas is obtained

8. The original product obtained in the solvey's process is

9. The common washing soda is

10. Na2CO3+H2O+ __________ --------------->2NaHCO3

11. Compound used in fire extingusihers

12. Which salt is added to the soap and glycerine mixture

13. The compound used as a thinner in the preparation of paint is

14. The salt which increases the weight of soap is

15. Spirit varnish is such a type of varnish in which ________ liquid is used as a solvent for resin.

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