Chemical Industries - 5

1. Salts of organic sulphonic acid are called _________.

2. The general formula of detergent is ___________.

3. Polyethene is prepared by the ________ of ethene under high pressur.

4. PVC is prepared by the polymerization of ________ in an autoclave.

5. Polystyrene is prepared by the polymerization of styrene in the presence of ________.

6. A drying oil is a liquid which absorbs ________ as it dries up.

7. Varnish is a ________ solution used to protect and decorate wood surface.

8. Bakelite is prepared by the polymerization of ________ and formaldehyde.

9. A pigment gives ________ to the paint.

10. Plastics are of two types thermoplastics and ________ plastic.

11. Varnish does not contain plastizer and _________.

12. NaHCO3 is a baking power alongwith _________.

13. Formula for caustic soda is ________.

14. Soda ash is obtained by heating ________.

15. In the preparation of shaving soap ________ is used to prevent it from drying.

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