Halogens - 2

1. Bleaching powder decomposes in water to give calcium chloride and calcium oxychloride.

2. The formula of hypochlorous acid is (HClO).

3. Hypochlorous acid decomposes readily to atomic oxygen.

4. Chlorine is less reactive than bromine and iodine.

5. The colour of silver Bromide is bright yellow.

6. The colour of chlorine gas is

7. Chlorine reacts with dichloromethane to produce

8. The formula of sodium hypochlorite is

9. Which element can not be displaced from its salts by the action of chlorine.

10. Which condition is essential to complete the reaction of chlorine with hydrocarbons.

11. Which one is not a use of chlorine

12. Chlorine reacts with hot and concentrated solution of alkalies to give

13. Chlorine reacts with carbon monoxide in the presence of sunlight to produce.

14. Chemical formula of bleaching powder is

15. Slaked lime is converted into bleaching powder by absorbing chlorine

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