Halogens - 5

1. Excess chlorine reacts with hot and concentrated solution of alkali to give ________ and chlorides.

2. The formula of chloroform is ________.

3. Phosgene gas is produced by the reaction of chlorine with ________.

4. Iodized table salt is obtained by mixing _______% potassium iodide by weight in common salt.

5. Hydrogen chloride gas has a ________ taste.

6. Hydrochloric acid reacts with metal bicarbonates to produce ________ gas.

7. ________ is used to remove scales and rust from metal surfaces.

8. The chemical name of bleaching power is _______.

9. Bleaching powder is prepared in the laboratory by mixing ________ with chlorine.

10. The colour of bleaching powder is ________.

11. The formula of calcium hypochlorite is _________.

12. Bleaching powder reacts with hydrogen peroxide to give ________ gas.

13. Halide ions can be identified by the formation of precipitates with ________ solution.

14. Chlorine is prepared in the laboratory by the action of ________ and hydrochloric acid.

15. The colour of silver iodide is ________.

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