Hydrogen and Water - 1

1. Hydrogen is the tenth most abundant element in the universe.

2. By passing steam over red-hot coke hydrogen gas is produced.

3. The purest hydrogen is obtained by the elctrolysis of water in the presence of an acid.

4. Molecular hydrogen is colourless, odourless and toxic gas.

5. Oxidation state of hydrogen is (+1) in NaH.

6. Hydrogen reacts with sulphur to form hydrogen sulphide.

7. Addition of hydrogen to unsaturated compounds in the presence of catalyst is called hydrogenation.

8. Total amount of water present on earth is 1.33 billion cubic kilometer.

9. The boiling point of water is lower than other chemically silmiliar compound.

10. The outer most shell of oxygen contains eight electrons in its outer most shell.

11. Water is a very unstable compound.

12. Many acids produce hydroxoxium ion by giving their protons.

13. Magnesium react with water to form magnesium hydroxide.

14. Polar compounds are soluble in non polar solvents.

15. Water molecules become the part of crystal lattice during the crystallization.

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