Hydrogen and Water - 2

1. Soft water consumes a large amount of soap in washing processes.

2. Insoluble calcium and magnesium sulphates reduce the efficiency of engine.

3. Atomic hydrogen is a powerful reducing agent.

4. The PH of water is 9.

5. Nitric acid is used for the preparation of hydrogen in the laboratory.

6. Nitric acid produces hydrogen only when it reacts with

7. In ice crystal each oxygen atom is surrounded by

8. Water has a maximum density at

9. Atomic mass of deutrium is

10. Permanent hardness of water is produced due to the presence of

11. The formula of washing soda is

12. Hydroscopic substances are used as

13. Polluted water produces a disease trachoma which effects on

14. Number of water molecules in hydrated copper sulphate crystal is

15. Heavy water is represented by the formula

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