Hydrogen and Water - 5

1. Compounds, which absorb moisture on exposure to atmosphere, are called ______ compounds.

2. Boiling and ______ of water are the cheapest method of sterilization of water.

3. The compound of ________ and oxygen is called heavy water.

4. Crystal of iron sulphate contains ________ water molecules.

5. Ca++ and Mg++ ions present in hard water form _______ salts.

6. The saltish taste of sea water is mainly due to ___________.

7. Hydrites are the compounds of _________ wiht metals and non-metals.

8. Water reacts with oxides of highly reactive _________ to form their respective hydroxides.

9. The nascent hydrogen is _________ reactive than molecular hydrogen.

10. Sun and other stars are composed largerly of _________.

11. Isotopes of an element have __________ atomic masses.

12. Water exists in nature in __________ states.

13. Water is formed by burning __________ gas in air.

14. Hydride ion is formed by _______ of electron of hydrogen.

15. Carbon dioxide turns lime water milky due to formation of insoluble __________.

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