Metals And Their Metallurgy - 1

1. Iron is used in electric Cables.

2. Aluminium ions bear positive charge.

3. Non-Metals have a tendency to lose electrons.

4. Metallic chlorides are acts as electrolyte in molten state.

5. None-Metals react with water at room temperature.

6. Gold occur in free state.

7. Magnetite is a ore of Iron.

8. Iron is back-bone of industries.

9. Medium steel is used to prepare nuts.

10. Matte obtained from blast furnace is transferred to bessemer converter.

11. Insoluble iron oxide settle down as mud is called Red Mud.

12. Molten Iron obtained in thermite process is used in welding.

13. Aluminium is not used in paint industry.

14. Impurities present in ores are called gangue.

15. Good quality of Iron which possess more percentage of carbon is called wrought iron.

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