Metals And Their Metallurgy - 2

1. Froth floatation process is used to concentrate some metals.

2. Steel is an alloy of iron.

3. Non-Metals do not absorb light.

4. The pig iron is remelted and converted into block then called wrought iron.

5. Metal ions bear charge

6. Oxides of non-metals are

7. Cryolite is ore of

8. Stainless steel is free from sulphur phosphorus and

9. Blast furnace is made of steel and its height is about

10. In Blast furnace when the carbon dioxide reacts with more carbon and forms carbon monoxide this is

11. In open hearth process at the end a little fluorspar is added in the iron which separate the

12. In steel which ore is best for it

13. Silicon steel is used in making

14. Which type of steel is heat resistant

15. In froth flotation process, copper ore powder is mixed with

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