Nitrogen And Oxygen - 1

1. Nitrogen is a member of group VA in the periodic table.

2. Pure Nitrogen is slightly heavier than air.

3. Nitrogen is chemically inert at higher temperature.

4. Haber process is used in the preparation of nitric acid.

5. Sodium and potassium react with oxygen vigorously at ordinary temperature.

6. In peroxides the valence number of oxygen is -1.

7. Hydrogen peroxide is stable at room temperature.

8. Gain of electron by an atom or ion is called reduction.

9. Ozone is a faintly blue gas.

10. The atmosphere around us is divided into five layers.

11. The layer of atmosphere in which we live is called stratosphere.

12. Dry air contains about 21% of oxygen by volume.

13. Nitric acid oxidizes sulphur dioxide to give sulphur tri-oxide.

14. Removal of hydrogen from a compound is called reduction.

15. On industrial scale nitric acid is obtained by the oxidation of ammonia.

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