Nitrogen And Oxygen - 2

1. Carbon dioxide is produced when dilute nitric acid reacts with carbonates and bi-carbonates.

2. Ozone is an allotropic form of sulpher.

3. Nitric acid reacts with hydrogen sulphide to give a suspension of sulphur.

4. H2+Cl2 ------------------->2HCl is an example of Reducation reaction.

5. The binary compounds of other elements with oxygen are called oxides.

6. The atomic mass of nitrogen is

7. Nitric acid is prepared on industrial scale by the oxidation of.

8. In amphoteric oxides the valence number of oxygen is

9. Oxidation process involves

10. Fe3+(aq)+e- ------------->Fe2+ is a reaction showing

11. Ozone is present in stratosphere at a hight of about

12. The Atmosphere around us is divided into

13. Chloro fluoro carbons carried by convection currents to the stratosphere

14. Nitrogen is obtained in laboratory by warming aqueous solution of

15. NH3+CO2 react at high temperature and high pressure to give

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