Nitrogen And Oxygen - 5

1. Ammonia is prepared in the laboratory by heating a mixture of ________ and slaked line.

2. Nitric Acid reacts with metal oxides and hydroxides to give

3. SO2 + 2NaOH(aq) ------------> _________ + H2O.

4. Amphoteric oxide are usually formed when oxygen reacts with less ________ element.

5. Ammonia and Carbon dioxide reacts at high temperature and pressure to give ________.

6. Basic oxides are formed when oxygen reacts with ________.

7. Redox reaction is a chemical reaction in which the _________ of an element is changed.

8. Cuo --------------> Cu2++2e- is a _______ reaction.

9. Ozone is prepared commercially by silent electric discharge through ________.

10. The layer very close to earth where we live is called ____

11. The concentration of ozone in stratosphere is ________.

12. Increased quantities of chlorofluoro carbons (Ccl3F, Ccl2F2) absorb ultraviolet radiation and react with ________.

13. Gain of electrons is called ________.

14. In ________ the valance number of oxygen is -1/2 .

15. A substance in an oxidation-reduction ( redox) reaction that loses electrons and whose oxidation number is increased during the reaction is called _________.

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