Organic-Chemistry - 1

1. Vital force theory was proposed by

2. In 1828 a scientist prepared urea from in organic substances

3. The formula of formic acid is

4. Organic compounds made up of only carbon and hydrogen are called

5. Organic compound have

6. In all organic compounds the essential element is

7. Electrical conductivity of organic compounds are

8. An atom or group of atom that determines the characteristic properties of an organic compound is called

9. The general formula of alkene is

10. -OH is the functional group of the family called

11. The structure of carbonylic group is

12. In saturated hydrocarbon all carbon, carbon bonds are

13. Saturated hydro carbons are also called

14. Which gas is used as a general anaesthesia

15. A molecule has a tetrahedral geometry with an angle of 109.50 between each of H-C-H bond

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