Organic-Chemistry - 2

1. Which gas is used in ripening of fruits and vegetables

2. The formula of chloroform is

3. The example of unsaturated hydrocarbon is

4. When ethyne gas is passed through a red hot iron tube it polymerizes to

5. The major constituent of marsh gas is

6. Vital force theory was proposed by Wholer.

7. Dalton prepared urea from in-organic substances.

8. Carbon is an essential consituent of all organic compounds

9. Methane molecule has tetra had not geometry

10. A molecule of propane contains four carbon atoms and ten hydrogen atoms

11. Butane has four isomers

12. The general chemical formula of alkane is CnH2n+2

13. The chemical formula of urea is H2N-CO-NH2

14. -OH is functional group and represents the alchohal

15. Organic compounds have high melting and boiling points

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