Organic-Chemistry - 5

1. ________ chemistry deals the chemistry of hydrocarbons and their derivatives.

2. ________ groups responsible for the properties of organic compounds except hydrocarbons.

3. A series of organic compounds in which all members possess the same functional group and have similar chemical properties is called ________.

4. The general chemical formula of alkane is ________.

5. Hydro-Carbons which have double or triple bond between their carbon atoms are called ________ hydrocarbons.

6. Compounds having same molecular formula but different structural formulas are called ________.

7. Butane has ________ Isomers.

8. ________ is the major component of natural gas.

9. Complete the equation CH2(g) + 2O2(g) Ignition---------> ______ (g) + ________ (g) + heat

10. In methane molecule the angle between H-C-H is ___________.

11. The formula of Calcium Carbide is ___________.

12. A process in which thousands of small molecules combine to form big molecules is called _________.

13. ________ gas is used for artificial ripening of fruits and vegetables.

14. Hydro-Carbons, which have single bond between their carbon atoms are called _________ hydro-carbons.

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