Sulphur And Its Compounds - 4

1. The percentage occurrence of sulphur in the earth crust is ________.

2. The chemical formula of galena is ________.

3. Gypsum is an ore of ________.

4. The shape of monoclinc sulphur is ________.

5. ________ is an unstable allotrope of sulphur.

6. Under ground deposits of sulphur are found 200 meters below the surface of the earth and contain about ________ of free sulphur.

7. The Valency of sulphur in sodium sulphide (Na2S) is ________.

8. In contact process, the oxidation of SO2 to SO3 takes place at ________.

9. Sulphuric acid can dehydrate glucose into ________.

10. 2H2SO4(conc) + Zn(s) heat------>

11. __________ acid is used as a dehydrating agent and an electrolyte in lead accumulators.

12. H2SO4 acts as a strong oxidizing agent and during the reaction acid itself is reduced to ________.

13. _________ can absorb water from sugar leaving behind carbon.

14. SO2 is oxidized to SO3 during contact process in the presence of a catalyst ________.

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