Sulphur And Its Compounds - 5

1. ________ is used in the vulcanization of rubber, a process which converts soft pliable rubber into hard.

2. sulphuric acid was first prepared in the laboratory by a muslim scientist, ________.

3. Sulphur reacts with copper at high temperature to produce ________.

4. Rhombic sulphur is insoluble in water, but soluble in ________.

5. ________ sulphur is the only stable allotrope at room temperature.

6. Sulphur melts at ________ and boils at ________ .

7. Sulphur exists as ________ molecules at room temperature.

8. Sulphur is extracted from underground by _

9. ________ is used in the manufacture of explosives and fireworks.

10. Sulphur reacts with chlorine to form ________.

11. The chemical formula of oleum is ________.

12. The chemical formula of calcium dihydrogen phosphate is ________.

13. Dilute sulphuric acid reacts with metals to produce ________ gas.

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