Math 10 Chapter 1 - Part A

1. 3x + 4y is called algebraic _____________

2. Sentence involving equality sign is called _________.

3. The equation ax + b = 0 is called ___________ form of linear equation.

4. If length and width of rectangle is x and y respectively, then perimeter of rectangle is _________.

5. In Cartesian plane, the point at which both lines intersect perpendicularly is called _________.

6. On graph paper, every point has _________ elements

7. The point (-2,3) lies in ________ quadrants.

8. The point (o, b ) lies on ___________.

9. To draw a graph _______ points are necessary.

10. The point where the graph of two equations intersects is called ________ of equations.

11. The equation in which variable is placed under radical sign is called _________ equations.

12. The value of variable of a radical equation not satisfying the equation is called ________ root

13. Equations involving the __________ variables are called absolute value equations.

14. Absolute value of a non-zero integer is always _______.

15. The sentences which consist of two open sentences are called ___________ sentences.

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