Math 10 Chapter 1 - Part B

1. The equation ax 2 +bx+c = o is called ________ form of quadratic equation

2. Quadratic equation can be expressed as product of _____________ factors.

3. Elements of solution set are called ______________ of the equation.

4. If a = o, then the equation ax2 + bx + c =o becomes a __________ equation.

5. An equation remains unchanged by multiplying its both sides by a negative number

6. 7a+3b is called algebraic sentence

7. An Equation must be an open sentence.

8. 2+3=5 is also called an equation

9. An equation having degree one is called linear equation.

10. Solution set of (x-1)2 =0 is {1,1}

11. The sentence 3x + 2x >4x is an open sentence.

12. The equation l x + m=0 is a linear equation.

13. The formula to calculate perimeter of a rectangle is 2(length - width).

14. The point (a,o) lies in Ist quadrant.

15. The standard form of linear equation in two variables in ax + by + c = 0

16. The solution set of parallel lines is empty set.

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