Math 10 Chapter 3 - Part C

1. The graph of direct proportion between x and y is a straight line which passes through origin.

2. If 6:2x::4:2x-4 then x = 5

3. The length and width of a rectangles are 65m and 39m respectively. The ration between the length and width is 5:3.

4. A ratio has no unit

5. The value of a ratio changes if its numerator and denominator and both multiplied and divided by the same number.

6. The order of elements in a ratio is not important i.e. a:b and b:a in the same.

7. If b2 = ac, then a, b and c are in continued proportion.

8. If a:b = c:d then b:a = d:c

9. The length and width of a rectangle is 120cm and 80cm respectively. The ratio between length and width is

10. A ratio has units in

11. If 5:3x::2:2x-4 then x =

12. Volume and temperature of an object are

13. If v a 1/p, then

14. If 3:5::5:x then

15. If a/b = c/d then the components property is

16. The third proportional of x2 and y is

17. Circumference of a circle varies directly as its radius if radius of a circle is 3m then circumference is

18. y a x , when y = 4, x = 2, if x = 10 then y=

19. The graphic representation between two quantities is a straight line passing through origin the relation between two quantities is

20. z a 1/y when z = 2, y = 3, what will be z , when y = 2

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