Math 10 Chapter 4 - Part A

1. The numerical figures obtained from any field of study are known as _________.

2. The collected date provide basic to draw conclusions and makes ________.

3. A person who collects the data is knows as __________.

4. The data directly collected from its source is called _________.

5. The data which have been passed through some statistical treatments is called _________ date

6. Any fixed quantity that has a single value is knows as ____________.

7. Any characteristic whose values are always different from one individual to another is known as a __________.

8. The number of children in a family is a ____________ variable.

9. Production of milk by cow is a _________ variable.

10. Numerical facts which are obtained on the Ist hand and recorded as they stand are known as _________ data.

11. ____________ is a process of arranging the data into certain groups.

12. In class limits or group the smaller value is known as ___________ class.

13. Mid point of any calls is called ___________.

14. The number of occurrences of item corresponding to class interval is known as _______.

15. The method of organizing and condensing the raw data conversion into grouped data is known as __________

16. ______________ diagram is used for the comparison of two or more variable characteristics.

17. The circle diagram or sector diagram is called ___________.

18. To measure of central tendency commonly known as ____________.

19. A value which is obtained by dividing the sum of all the values by their number of observation is known as ________.

20. |Arithmetic mean of a set of values x1, x2, x3, |||||. xn is denoted by _______.

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