Math 10 Chapter 4 - Part B

1. Arithmetic mean (A.M) = ` x = ___________.

2. For the data containing add numbers of item |x| the median is calculated as the _________ items.

3. In x = åfx/åf | f| stands for ___________

4. To find Arithmetic means of group data the formula x = _______________.

5. To find arithmetic mean of grouped date the formula of coding method is x =

6. The data directly collected from its source is called primary data.

7. Some specific values in a data is known as discrete variable.

8. Any fixed quantity that has double value is known as constant.

9. Any characteristic whose value are always same from one individual to another is knows as variable.

10. Class mark is the mid point of any class.

11. A person who collect the data is knows as teacher.

12. Number of occurrence of an item corresponding to class interval is called class frequency

13. In class (50 | 52), 50o is the upper limit.

14. The most common value of the data is mode.

15. Pie-diagram is also known as Histogram.

16. Mid point of any class in difference between the upper and lower limits.

17. Median for grouped data is obtained by the formula Median = l + h/f (n/2| c)

18. Size of class interval is knows as frequency of the class.

19. Variance is the square root of standard deviation.

20. Measure of central tendency is commonly known as average.

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