Math 10 Chapter 4 - Part C

1. The standard deviation is the positive square root of arithmetic mean

2. In a series 0,1,4,6,7,9,12 the median is 6.

3. In series 7,7,7,7,7 the dispersion is zero.

4. In X = (åfx/åf) 'f' stands for average

5. The group which contains maximum frequency can be selected as model group

6. The class mark of interval (34-38) is36.

7. For a data containing even member of items | n | the median is calculated as the average of (n+1/2) the items

8. Arithmetic mean is highly effected by extreme values.

9. Classification of data by two characteristics at the same time is called one way tabulation.

10. Arithmetic mean is the most simple form of an average.

11. The numerical figures obtained from any field of study are known as a value

12. A person who collects the data is known as

13. The data directly collected from its source is called ________ data

14. If there are some specific values that a variable can take, we call such variable a

15. Any characteristic whose values are always different from one individual to another is called

16. Any fixed quantity that has single value is known as _________

17. A variable that can take all possible values in a given interval is called a ________

18. Numerical facts obtained on the first hand and recorded as they stand are called ____ data

19. The process of arranging the data into certain groups or classes having similar characteristics is known as

20. The difference between the upper and lower limit of any two consecutive class intervals is called

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