Math 10 Chapter 5 - Part A

1. In a right angle triangle the ________ is longer than each of the other two sides

2. The _________ is the shortest distance from the point to the line.

3. A line segment has exactly one _______ point.

4. In an isosceles triangle is the base if less than the measure of each of the congruent sides then the vertex angle is less than __________.

5. If two triangles are similar then their corresponding sides are _______.

6. If two angles of one triangle are congruent to the corresponding angles of the other then the triangles are ________

7. Every line contains at least ________ distinct points

8. Every plane contains at least ________ non-collinear points.

9. If two rays of two adjacent angles are opposite then angles are ________.

10. In any triangle sum of measures of its any two sides is always ___________ side.

11. If two triangles are congruent then their areas are always __________.

12. If two sides of a triangle are equal then it is called _____________ triangle.

13. If a line segment intersects the two sides of a triangle in the same ratio then it is ________ to third side

14. The difference of the measures of two sides of a triangle is ____________ than the measure of the third side.

15. The set of all points which lie outside a triangle is called __________ of the triangle.

16. A triangle whose sides are 3,4 and 5 is __________ angled triangle.

17. Diagonals of a parallelogram form four congruent __________.

18. If two intersecting lines form equal adjacent angles then the lines are _______.

19. In an obtuse angle triangle the side opposite to the obtuse angle is __________ than each of the other two sides.

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