Math 10 Chapter 5 - Part D

1. Three non-collinear points determine ____________

2. A six sided figure is called ___________

3. Every line contains at least __________ distinct points.

4. An ___________ triangle is an equiangular triangle

5. Every triangle has at least two ________ angles

6. In right angle triangle the acute angles are ____________

7. If more than two points lie on the same line they are said to be _______ points.

8. If two altitudes of a triangle are congruent then it is ___________ triangle.

9. The set of all points which lie outside a triangle is called _______ of a triangle.

10. If two triangles are similar then their corresponding sides are

11. In an isosceles triangle if the base is less than each of the congruent sides, the vertex angle is _________ 60o.

12. Isosceles triangle.

13. Scalene triangle

14. Right angle triangle

15. Acute-angled triangle

16. Equilateral triangle

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