Math 10 Chapter 6 - Part B

Math Class 10
1. If two congruent circles touch each other externally the distance between their centres is equal to their ___________.

Math Class 10
2. Two circles of radius 7cm and 3cm touch internally then distance between their centres is equal to ____________.

Math Class 10
3. If a line is a tangent to a circle at a point it will be ____________ to the radial segment

Math Class 10
4. All angles inscribed in a ____________ are equal in measure.

Math Class 10
5. The diameter of a circle passes through the mid-points two parallel _________ of a circle

Math Class 10
6. Centre of a circle is a point on the circle.

7. A line segment whose end points lie on the circle is called chord of the circle.

8. The portion of a circle intercepted by any central chord is a semi circle.

9. Major arc does not include semi-circle.

10. Minor arc is always less than the semi-circle.

11. Major segment of a circle is always less than semi-circular region of the circle.

12. A circular region can be sub-divided into more than one sectors.

13. A secant line has two distinct points in common with a circle.

14. The radius of circum-circle is denoted by R.

15. The set of all points lying inside a circle is called the circular region.

16. Diameter contains three points of a circle.

17. If a diameter of a circle bisects a chord it will be perpendicular to the chord.

18. Two circles cannot intersect each other at more than two points.

19. All angles inscribed in a minor arc are equal in measure

20. The central angle of a minor arc is double in measure of the inscribed angle of major arc

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