Math 10 Chapter 6 - Part C

1. The two tangents drawn to a circle from an outer point, are unequal in length.

2. If two congruent circles touch each other externally the distance between their centres is equal to their diameter.

3. A circle has exactly two radii.

4. If a diameter is perpendicular to a chord, then it bisects the chord.

5. An inscribed angle is an angle whose vertex lies at the centre of the circle.

6. The measure of an angle inscribed in a semi circle is equal to 90o.

7. If two circles of radii 6cm and 2cm touch externally the distance between their centers is equal to 4cm.

8. Two circles are congruent if their radii are congruent

9. Te shortest distance between a tangent line from centre of a circle is equal to radius.

10. A chord through the centre of the circle is called diameter

11. A set of points of a plane which are equidistant from a fixed point is called

12. The line segment joining any two points of a circle is called

13. Measure of a radial segment of circle is 2.5cm, the diameter of this circle is

14. The inscribed angle of a major arc is

15. The measured of central angle of minor arc of a circle is 120o the measure of inscribed angle of the corresponding major arc is

16. If there are two distinct points common to a line and a circle, the line is

17. If the angle inscribed in a major arc is 30o then another angle inscribed in the same major arc is

18. A line, which is perpendicular to a radial segment of a circle at its outer end, is called

19. Two major arcs of two circles are congruent if

20. The Segment joining the centre of a circle to any point of the tangent (other than point of contact) is ___________ than the radius of circle

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