Math 10 Chapter 6 - Part D

1. If the measure of an exterior angle of a cyclic quadrilateral is 120o the measure of angle opposite to the adjacent interior angle is

2. The degree measure of semi-circle is equal to

3. An angle whose vertex lies on a circle and whose sides contains chords of the circle is

4. The length of tangent drawn from a point 10cm from centre of circle of radius 6cm is

5. The measure of an inscribed angle is _________ of the measure of its intercepted arc

6. The degree measure of circle is

7. Opposite angles of cyclic quadrilateral are

8. From a point of the circle, how many diameters can be drawn

9. One of the two chords of a circle is of measure 5cm. What will be the length of the other chord, when the chords are at a same distance from the centre

10. A semi-circle is bounded by a ______ and half of the circumference

11. A point, which is equidistant from end point of a line segment, lies on

12. The radius of a circle is 5cm and the length of one of its chord is 8cm, the distance of the chord from centre of circle is

13. Two tangents drawn to a circle from a point outside are _____ in length

14. The shortest distance between a tangent line from centre of a circle is equal to

15. If a circle passes through three non-collinear points then the distance of any point lying on the circle from its ______ is same

16. A segment that forms the centre and a point on the circle

17. A segment whose end points lie on the circle

18. A chord that contains the centre of the circle

19. A line that intersect the circle in two points

20. A line that intersect the circle in exactly one point

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