Math 10 Chapter 6 - Part E

1. Congruent circles

2. Congruent arcs

3. Congruent Chords

4. Congruent inscribed angles

5. Similar figures

6. Minor arc is always less than the

7. The circular region bounded by an arc of a circle and any two radial segment is

8. Circles having common centre are called

9. The circle which passes through the three vertices of a triangle is called

10. �r� represent the radius of

11. The perpendicular bisector of a chord of a circle passes through

12. One and only one circle can pass through

13. Angle inscribed in a major arc is

14. All angles inscribed in a major arc are

15. Every diameter of a circle is als

16. Central angle is an angle subtended by an arc at the

17. The measure of an angle inscribed in a semi-circle is

18. If the distance between the centres of two circles is equal to the difference of their radii, then they touch

19. A line which is perpendicular to a radial segment at its outer end is

20. Sum of opposite angles in a cyclic quadrilateral is

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