Math 10 Chapter 7 - Part A

1. Pyramid in Egypt and Taj Mahal are the beautiful examples of application of ____________.

2. A circle passing through three ___________ of triangle is called circum circle.

3. A circle touching the three _________ of a triangle is called in-circle.

4. Perpendicular distance between in-centre and any side of a triangle is called _______.

5. Point of intersection of bisectors of interior angles of triangle is called ________.

6. ___________of side of a triangle not only cuts it into two equal halves but also is perpendicular to it

7. Point of intersection of right bisectors of sides of a triangle is called __________.

8. _______________ escribed circles can be drawn for a triangle.

9. The bisectors of one interior angle and two opposite exterior angles are _________.

10. A tangent is ___________which touches a circle only at a single point.

11. __________ is always perpendicular to the radius of circle.

12. If common tangent to the two circles is on the ___________ of the line joining their centres, then it is called direct common tangent.

13. Median is a line segment joining one __________ of a triangle to the mid point of opposite sides

14. If the points of contact of the common tangents of two circles lies on __________ of the line joining the centres of circles then tangents are called transverse common tangents.

15. ____________ tangents can be drawn to a circle from a point outside of a circle.

16. Radius of a circle is 4cm. A point is taken at a distance of 5cm from centre of circle and tangent is drawn from it. Calculate length of tangent segment.

17. Calculate radius of a circle if tangent is drawn from a point at a distance of 10 cm from centre of circle and length of tangent segment is 8cm. (point is outside of circle).

18. The medians of a triangle are ____________.

19. Calculate distance of a point from centre outside the circle from where tangents are drawn, if radius is 5cm, length of tangent segment is 8cm.

20. Altitudes of a triangle are ____________.

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