Math 10 Chapter 7 - Part C

1. A tangent is always parallel to the radius of circle.

2. A circle touching three sides of a triangle is called in circle

3. The medians of a triangle intersect each other in the ration3:1.

4. A point P is 5cm from the centre of circle of radius 3cm, then length of tangent from p to circle is 4cm

5. The centre of escribed circle is called ex-centre

6. Circum radius of a circle is denoted by r.

7. Altitudes of a triangle always bisect the sides of triangle

8. In-radius of a circle is denoted by R.

9. Escribed radii (e-radii) of a circle are denoted by r1, r2 and r3

10. Two triangles are similar if their corresponding angles are congruent.

11. A triangle is possible to construct with the measurement of sides.

12. In-circle of a triangle

13. Medians of a triangle are

14. Right bisectors of sides of a triangle

15. Angle bisectors of triangle are

16. In right angled Triangle ABC where m|B = 90o the point of concurrency of three altitudes is

17. In right angled isosceles triangle the other two angles of measure are

18. ABCD is a quadrilateral

19. In given figure

20. A circle whose radius is 5cm. A point P is 3.5cm from its centre. Then there will be

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