Chapter 12 - Wave Motion - 2

1. The speed of light is more in air(or vaccum) than in glass or water.

2. When a wave enters from one medium to another its freqency does not change.

3. The law of reflection of water waves is not identical to law of reflection of light.

4. A body executing simple harmonic motion, always vibrates about its position of equilibrium.

5. The snake like motion of the rope is the example of

6. If we dip a pencil into a tub of water and take it out what will it happen on the surface of water

7. Waves can transfer one of the following from one place to another

8. Time period is inverse of

9. The wavelength of the stationary wave is ___________ the distance between two successive nodes or antinodes.

10. If the mass of bob of a simple pendulum is doubled, its time period

11. Bouncing back of a wave from the surface is called

12. When an object repeats a set pattern of motion in equal interval of time is known as

13. When an external force is applied on spring and then released,spring goes back to its equilibrium position due to

14. In simple harmonic motion velocity of the object is maximum at

15. How many types of mechanical waves are

16. Invisible waves can be detected with

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