Chapter 12 - Wave Motion - 5

1. The time period of the simple pendulum does not depend on its mass and ________.

2. The wave which do not require a medium for their propagation are called ___________.

3. In transverse waves, the _______of water vibrate up and down.

4. The distance between two consective crests or throughs is called _____.

5. The bending of waves around obstacles is called _______.

6. The speed of water waves depends upon the ______ of water.

7. The wave length of the waves _____ when they reach the shallow part.

8. Diffraction of waves can only by observed clearly if the _______ of the slit is nealy equal to the wave length of the wave.

9. To study some properties of waves such as reflection and interface an apparatus is used is called _____.

10. A Greek letter is used to represent the _______.

11. The wave speed of a wave is equal to _________.

12. The wave speed of a wave is equal to _________.

13. Time period

14. External force

15. Frequency

16. Wavelength

17. Acceleration of mass

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