Chapter 14 - Mirror and Lenses - 2

1. A prism Binocular is made by using two telescopes separated at a distance equal tot he distance between the two eyes.

2. The transmitting capacity of radio waves is thousands of times greater than the light waves.

3. Bronchoscope is an instrument used to examine the sore throat.

4. Sometimes an arc of spectral colours appears in the sky before a rainfall.

5. The defect of eye due to which one cannot see the distatn objects clearly but can see near object is called short sightedness.

6. For the first time the study of light on scientific grounds was made by

7. Light travles

8. The laws of reflection were discovered by

9. The outer curved surface of a convex mirror is

10. A spherical mirror is circular and its diameter is known as

11. The line joining the pole and the centre of curvature of the mirror is called

12. Focal length is denoted by

13. In case of convex mirror, image is always

14. The focal length of a spherical mirror is

15. 1/f is equal to

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