Chapter 14 - Mirror and Lenses - 6

1. The pebbles lying at the bottom of the clear water of a river appear to be __________ up above their actual position.

2. White light disperses in different colours, which is called ___________.

3. The critical angle of glass is ___________.

4. In recent years an important application of principal of __________ is used in optical fibres.

5. 'Gastroscope' is an instrument to view the ___________.

6. Rainbow is a ____________ spectrum produced due to the dispersion of light.

7. Secondary rainbow is __________ than the primary rainbow.

8. There are _______ main types of optical defects in images produced by a lens.

9. In SI system the unit of power of lens is _________.

10. A man suffering from short sightedness cannot see ________ objects.

11. Long sightedness can be removed by a ________ lens of a suitable power.

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