Chapter 15 - Electrostatics - 2

1. Volt is the unit of

2. Solid bodies are charged due to transfer of

3. Electrostatics is the branch of physics which deals with the charges

4. If the distance between two charged bodies is much greater as compared to their size, then, the bodies are considered as

5. The value of electric intensity at a point is 10N/C and charge placed there is 2 coulomb. The force experienced by that charge is

6. The value of eletrostatic constant K is

7. The potential difference between two points is given by the expression

8. Electron volt is the unit of

9. If the capacitance of a capacitor is 10mewF and potential difference is 2 volts then charge stored is

10. If the two capacitors are each of 2mewF are connected in series comination then their equivalent capacitance will be

11. The distance beween two point charges is 10cm if the distance is reduced to 5cm the Coulombs force would become

12. The instruments used to detect a charge is called

13. A positive charge of 2 coulombs experiences a force 4 N at a point in a field then intensity of the field at that point is

14. The unit of capacitance is

15. Match the column..........................the strength of the field at any point is called

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