Chapter 16 - Current & Electricity - 2

1. The unit of potential difference is known as

2. As the length of conductor increases, its resistance

3. The unit of power is known as

4. Methematically satement of Ohms law is given as.

5. 2 Ohm and 3 Ohm resistors are connected in sereis its equivalent resistance

6. The length of a copper wire is 1 meter and its diameter is 2 mm. Its resistance is as

7. The specific resistance of platinum is as

8. In SI system unit of resistance is

9. The mathemetical statement of joul's law is written as

10. As the temprature of a conductor rises, its resistance

11. 1 mega Ohm is equal to

12. Ohm meter is used for measuring the

13. The unit of electric charge is

14. If the resistance of conductor is 5 ohm and potential difference is 10 volt. Then current is as

15. A platinum resistance thermometer can measure the temperature from

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