Chapter 17 - Atomic and Nuclear Physics - 2

1. According to the chain reaction taking place inside the sun nearly 25.7 Mev of energy is released.

2. The sum of nucleons present inside a nucleus is called charge number.

3. The cells of human body are destroyed due to the ionization property of the radiation

4. The part suffering from cancer absorb less quantity of radio isotopes.

5. An atom is a ________ particle.

6. Henry Bequerel discovered radioactivity by using ______ salt.

7. In the experiment radioactivity, the photographic plate carried black spots at _____ diffrent points.

8. Alpha rays produce fluorescence in

9. The distance travelled by alpha rays emitted by Uranium is

10. Alpha particles carry a charge of

11. Alpha particles are infact the nuclei of

12. In order to study the nature of radiation emitted due to radioactivity, experiment was performed by

13. The rays which are not affected by electric and magnetic field are

14. Gamma rays can easily pass through sheet of iron, whose thickness is

15. Einstein's mass energy equation is

16. The energy produced from 20 kg of carbon if it is completely changed into energy is

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