Chapter 17 - Atomic and Nuclear Physics - 5

1. Natural radioactivity takes place in the elements having atomic number greater than _________.

2. The speed of alpha rays ranges between _________ and _________ m/sec.

3. Mass of alpha particles is __________ times of hydrogen atom.

4. Speed of beta rays is _________ than alpha rays.

5. The penetrating power of gamma rays is much higher than _________ rays.

6. Ionizing power of beta rays is ___________ times less than ampha rays.

7. Ionizing power of gamma rays is very small as compared to _____ rays.

8. Most of the nuclei whose atomic number are from ______ to ________ are stable nuclei.

9. To diagnoes the brain tumor, ___________ radio-isotope is used.

10. For curing cancerous tumors and cells, radioactive isotope ___________ is used.

11. For fusion reaction the required temprature is acheived by exploding a ________ bomb.

12. In nuclear reactor surplus neutrons are absorbed by _________ rods.

13. In fusion reaction of isotopes of hydrogen , nearly _____ of energy is liberated.

14. Energy coming from sun and stars is due to fusion of ________.

15. Temperature at the centre of the sun is nearly __________ K

16. The radioactive material must be placed in a box of ____________.

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