Chapter 18 - Electronics - 2

1. When diode is forward biased, the width of its depletion region increases.

2. Central region of the transistor is known as base.

3. The operation in which outputs has value 1 when at least one of its inputs is at 1.

4. Ordinarily electricity is provided to us in the form of direct voltage.

5. A and B are the two inputs of a NOR gate. Its output would be 1 when

6. Atomic number of Silver is 47. The number of its valence electrons would be

7. In N-type crystal, the majority carriers are

8. The output of an OR gate would be 0 when

9. The current in the p type material is due to

10. A trivalent impurity is

11. A pentavalent impurity doped into pure Ge and Si, makes it a

12. The central region of a transistor is called

13. The number of junctions in a transistor is

14. The device used for converting A.C into D.C is known as

15. Phosphorus belong to

16. The number of valence electrons in the Ge or Si atoms is

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