Chapter 18 - Electronics - 5

1. In conductors ______ are present in a very large quantity.

2. Crystal of pure germanium or silicon behaves as ______ at low temp.

3. The process of adding a trivalent or pentavalent impurity to pure Si or Ge is called ______.

4. If a pentavalent impurity is added to pure Si or Ge then the substance is called ______ material.

5. The potential difference between P & N type which does not allow the electrons to cross the junction is called ______.

6. The p-part of N-Junction is called ______.

7. A semi conductor diode is ______ if p-type is connected to positive terminal and N-type is connected to negative terminal of the battery.

8. In reverse bias, the width of ______ increases.

9. The process of converting AC into DC is called ______.

10. Emitter-Base junction of a transistor is ______ biased.

11. such things which can have only two possible states are know as______.

12. The circuit designed to implement various logic operations are known as______.

13. OR operation connects two switches A & B in ______combination.

14. A______ is used as amplifier.

15. In NOR-gate the output of OR gate is coupled with a ______ gate.

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