Chapter 19 - Information Technology - 1

Physics Class 10
1. Information technology is changing slowly.

2. Computer and internet have brought in contact the whole world,

3. By telephone, computer and internet information are transmitted in the form of sound, picture and computerized data.

4. Through telegraph messages were converted into electric pulses by a transmitter.

5. Working principle of a telephone is not similar to telegraph and direct conversation cannot be processed by it.

6. Computer preserves programme and information in its memory so long as we desire.

7. In the computer, calculations and instructions are inserted by the output unit.

8. CPU comprises of a control unit and a memory unit.

9. The internal working of the computer is presented by an input unit.

10. Output unit cannot be recorded on a floppy disc or CDs.

11. Computers linked with the internet can exchange their information or can use the data base.

12. Information concerned with every department can not be obtained from the internet.

13. In video tape pictures are recorded along with sound.

14. CD�s storage capacity is many times greater than the floppy disc.

15. Floppy disc is made of soft and flexible plastic.

16. Hard disc has higher speed and larger capacity as compared to other discs.

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