Chapter 19 - Information Technology - 2

1. Hard disc has higher speed and larger capacity as compared to other discs.

2. Because of hard disc large capacity it has low density data compared to other discs.

3. Video cassettes consist of a tape of magnetic material.

4. The method that is used to communicate information to far off places instantly is called �Telecommunication.�

5. Internet is a system with which we can know the global conditions within no time.

6. Information technology is

7. Latest telecommunication devices are

8. Latest form of the telephone is the

9. In radio, message is transmitted by

10. In loudspeakers, one of the following changes into the sound

11. One of the following is an electronic machine which after analyzing and arranging the given information, presents it in a very short time

12. Which one of the following is an output device

13. All the computer use uniform communication process and same code called

14. The language used in internet web is

15. One of the following is not an information storage device

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