Chapter19 - Information Technology - 5

1. _____ is the brain of a computer.

2. Marconi, an Italian scientist invented _____.

3. High quality of picture and sound is received on TV with the help of _____.

4. The set of instructions given to the computer are called a _____.

5. Information about every field can be obtained from_____.

6. CPU stands for _____.

7. HTML stands for _____.

8. Internet is infact an interconnection of millions of _____.

9. The device resembles a television set in a computer is called a _____.

10. In a remote control_____ radiations are used to operate it.

11. Floppy disc is made up of _____plastic.

12. About _____ MB(mega bites) data can be stored in a CD.

13. Floppy disc can store a data about _____ MB.

14. Hard disk is made by joining many _____.

15. CAD stands for _____.

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