Chapter 20 - Electromagnetism - 2

1. Transformer works on the principle of self induction

2. Transformer is used as an important part of most ofthe electronic devices.

3. There is only one coil in a transformer.

4. A bar magnet has north and south poles.

5. If we grasp the current carrying conductorin our right hand with the stretched thum, then tumb shows the direction of

6. The shape of magnetic lines force in case of a straight current carrying conductor is

7. When a straight current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field at right angles to it the direction of force acting upon it is

8. In an electric curcuit a switch key is used for

9. When a current carrying conductor is placed at an angle theta with a magnetic field then force is directly propotional to

10. If the conductor is placed parallel to the field, force act upon the conductor is

11. In D.C. motor spindle of the coil is fixed with the ring made up of

12. In mutual induction current induced in one circuit is due to change of current in another in

13. The coil in which the change in the current produces induced current in another coil known as

14. When current passes through a coil, it produces a magnetic field, which one of the following pass through turns of the coil

15. According to the right hand rule, if the current flows from bottom end to top then the direction of the lines of force are

16. A closely wound cylindrical coil of insulated wire is called

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